Epping-Jordan Fine Woodworking is a Seattle-based custom furniture business dedicated to innovative design and top-quality fabrication of fine furniture

From the Lab to the Shop

After nearly 25 years in neuroscience research and biotech entrepreneurship, I decided to take my life in a different direction.  While I love science and the challenges and rewards of working in a multidisciplinary research team, I realized I had a great desire to create tangible objects with my own two hands.  This lead me to enroll in the Cabinetmaking and Fine Woodworking program at the Wood Technology Center (WTC) at Seattle Central Community College.  After graduation, I joined a co-op shop made up of former WTC students in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood where I make all my pieces today.  I've also been teaching part-time at the WTC since January 2013.

The skills that I developed as a scientist can also be applied to woodworking.  Creativity, planning, precision and attention to detail are all necessary for success in both disciplines but I've found that the most important skill is problem-solving.  In many ways, design is the easy part.  The difficult part comes when I ask myself, "Now how am I going to build this thing?"  That's when the fun really starts.

I look forward to working with you to create furniture that fits your lifestyle and your budget.  Please contact me to set up an initial meeting or phone call to get things going.

This is a photo of the first cabinet I ever built while in woodworking school